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How does your water treatment plant performance measure up ?

Ionic doesn't provide water. We provide "Peace of Mind". In current business scenario, industries need to be competitive. Profitability of the companies through operational efficiency and sustainability becomes critical. Water is one of the most neglected area. When the tap runs dry and when the water treatment equipment fails to deliver the required quality and quantity of treated water everything stops.

Like any equipment water treatment plant efficiency reduces over a period of time. They require preventive and break down maintenance. Scheduled inspection and maintenance will keep the system running efficiently with low cost of ownership to users.

Ionic believes in providing "quality service" at the right time and at reasonable cost. Ionic provides services to Ionic equipment as well as equipment supplied by others.

The AMC covers

  • Scheduled inspection visits as per requirement
  • Scheduled maintenance visits as per requirement
  • Checking of the Process
  • Checking of the mechanical condition of the equipment that includes but not limited to pumps, external, internals, resins, membranes, media etc
  • Media sampling
  • Checking Electricals
  • Checking Instrumentation and controls
  • Trouble shooting services
  • Water, chemical and power consumption
  • Checking log books
  • Submitting reports to customers
  • Discussing with customer on plant condition and action plan required if any
  • AMC also covers limited free visits to attend unexpected breakdowns

Annual Maintenance Contract

Ionic provides Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to customers to keep their water treatment equipment running with peak efficiency. Specific requirements are defined in consultation with customers and type of equipment, criticality, usage factors are accessed and a site specific AMC is recommended.

On Demand Services

Ionic provides on demand services to customers not having annual maintenance contracts as and when required.

After Sales Services

Ionic products are well engineered with high quality components and hence work reliably over a long period of time. However like any other equipment they need periodic preventive maintenance, spares and consumables. We can provide spares for all types of water and waste water treatment systems. The spare parts include but not limited to

  • Filter medias
  • Ion exchange resins
  • Vessel internals
  • Pipes, fittings, valves
  • Online and Offline water quality Instruments
  • Consumables
  • Specialty RO antiscalant and Cleaning chemicals
Test Data

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