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Our Vision for the Environment

IONIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD. committed to protect environment and strive to prevent pollution of water, land and air by all available mean under its control and influence. We are committed to environmental affairs leadership in all business activities, increasing quality-of- life productivity and enabling a more resource-efficient world.

By keeping this in mind, Ionic is dedicated to the design, supply, service and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plant and equipment with excellent environmental performance that enable customers to minimize their environmental impact.
To meet this commitment we shall:

  • Ensure knowledge and consciousness about environmental issues among all employees in order to continually improve environmental impact and pollution.
  • Meet or exceed legal and other requirements to the environment.
  • Develop, manufacture and market products and services that are safe for their intended use, efficient in use of energy, protective of the environment and that can be reused, reused or disposed safely and responsibly.
  • Progressively adopt cleaner, greener and energy efficient technologies.
  • Provide clients with environmentally sound designs and execution plans.
  • Establish and use processes that do not adversely affect the environment and minimize health and safety risks.

Towards full filling the above objectives, we propagate our environmental policy and our commitment to all our employees, customers, interested parties and to all persons working on behalf of this organization.

Managing Director, K.V. Raman

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