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Ionic Provides integrated solution for zero liquid discharge and water recycling system. Ionic can provide evaporators for achieving zero discharge requirement from industries and process using which water can be easily recycled.

Zero Liquid Discharge System India

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ZLD Water Harvester evaporator Technology basic working principle

The HDH desalination system imitates the natural rain phenomenon to generate distilled water. In nature's system, vapour is produced from seawater when sun shines on it. Next, this vapour is carried by air in the cloud form until its temperature drops, causing it to condense into rain. A humidifier evaporates wastewater to produce moist air, and a dehumidifier condenses that air's moisture. This process separates pure water from a mixture of impure wastewater. A humidifier transfers water vapour into an air stream, while concentrated wastewater is collected at the bottom and rejected as brine. The vapour inside the air stream from the humidifier is condensed out of the air stream and extracted from the system. Water can be heated after pre- heating in a dehumidifier or before spraying it in a humidifier. Air can be heated before entering the humidifier by recovering thermal energy in the condenser 1 & 2. Circulating air and water through the system requires thermal energy which is supplied by a Thermic Fluid Heater. The Thermic fluid heater will use CNG as fuel.

In closed air/water cycles, air/water is circulated in a closed loop between a humidifier and dehumidifier while the water/air is in an open loop. The air in these systems can move by either natural or forced circulation by adding a fan or blower


  • All wetted parts are non-corrosive and never the system clogs due to its self-cleaning mechanism either in the dehumidification condenser or in humidifier.
  • Best technology for Product Concentration with lowest energy recovery cost
  • Highly Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly Design concept.
  • Minimal Wastage: Up to 98% Conversion of Waste Water possible.
  • Water can be extracted to super saturation levels up to 3,50,000 ppm, so minimum sludge produced and can be sent to drum evaporator and dryer for further disposal.
  • Very less power demand compared to Existing technologies.
  • The system can run on waste heat or biomass, as low temperature energy is required for treatment of wastewater.
  • Very minimal maintenance and no need for skilled man power.
  • Can treat any quality of input water.
  • No stringent pre-treatment required for feed water (except for volatiles). Pretreated waste water with pH > 7 and TSS less than 10 ppm is sufficient.
  • Modular design – Easy to Install & Operate.
  • Maintenance and operation costs are at the very minimum as compared to any other evaporator technology.
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